PowerSeal® Licensing

We are often approached by businesses who want to use our technology and expertise in parts of the world where we are not currently well represented, or perhaps in a market or application that we are unfamiliar with.
Under those circumstances, it may be appropriate to enter into a licensing or joint venture agreement to fully exploit the market potential.

Typically, a partner in a licensing agreement will be required to make an initial payment then subsequent payments based on units processed, and would be responsible for all business costs in addition.
A joint venture may result in improved market penetration and in an agreement of this kind, we will typically provide process details and training in exchange for an interest in the manufacturing business.

As an example we are represented in the USA since 2004. PowerSeal USA is the perfect example of a successful partner in a licensing agreement.

We are pleased to consider all proposals for business expansion, and if you think that we may be able to work well together, please click here to send an email so that we can consider your requirements fully.
An indication of the minimum equipment that would be required to establish a small-scale cylinder repair and replating facility can be found here.